Friday, September 23, 2011

Fixing I'm tired,but I'm up and heading to the Plaza art fair

 What can I say?  I am no good at this blog thing.  I knew I hadn't  kept at it often enough, or even been very interesting.
 I didn't know I wasn't even really blogging. I was journaling on a private website.  That is what I will call it, finding out months later that you never published 4 posting on you blog.

Private Website Journaling: Where even less people can read your Blogs with  0 subscribers!

The last few stories are oddly out of order as I just realized I had never click Publish and they were still in Draft.  So I  posted them in the time I had set aside to blog today. . . . I know, how will you live 6 months again for me to remember to do this?!?

Fear NOT! And enjoy my lame teasers:

  • I have purchased my own pottery wheel. The first and most important cornerstone of my own home studio! Will get  its  own story with pictures and all soon.
  • I am headed to the Plaza Art Fair at the Country Club Plaza tonight , for an evening of  fun and inspiration.

Just wait though, I get less computer illiterate everyday, and I am damn funny.  You'll see!

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