Monday, September 30, 2013

Getting My MOJO back and Sikeston trip

In my last post I announced I was going to start doing nails again, and going back to work after almost 6 years at home. I have been doing manicures on friends and my guys here at home to practice for my retake of the state practical exam. They really do love me!!

The other day, I did my first full set of acrylics in a long time and with a new acrylic brand I had never tried.  I had to take this picture to show of my nail job and her little boy Roman, who is actually due TODAY.

I love doing acrylic and I think I did a pretty good job.  We left the white tips and just put on some top coat for a effortless french manicure. She likes them short and I like that since she is about to have a tiny little love to take care of. I felt llike I was back and I feel great about my upcoming test and job hunt.
After my small triumph, my week kept getting better and my guy and I went on a little trip san infantes to the opposite corner of the state to help lead a parade for their local Cotton Festival saluting Veterans, Reserves and Active duty Servicemen and women.  This year it was in honor of the Navy Seals.
It's put on every year by the Sikeston, Missouri American Legion there and had a parade, fair, carnival and pageants among other festivities. Our local post has gone down for several years to act as the Color Guard for the parade and march along with our Posts Cruiser that looks like a Duck type vehicle. We led the way for the Parade Grand Marshall in his shiny red convertible.  My hunny carried the Flag in the wind along a mile long route and I sat comfortably in the Cruiser waving at all the people.

We rode in the Cruiser on the almost 500 mile trip down and then back again, and I wouldn't say it was close to comfortable, but we had a great time with the rest of the people who went. We played cards and just enjoyed each other company while our rear ends suffered.
The best part was the hospitality of South Eastern Missouri. We spent a great deal of our 3 days there with the Legions members and they were amazing hosts!
My back side is still sore and my son is still whining that we were gone to long, but I am definitely on for next year.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Revisting the Creative Career of My Youth

For a while, thinking of possible career paths I may want to follow, now that I don't have so many kids at home, I for a while had overlooked the best option all together. I never even considered the industry that supported me as a young newly separated single mom. I wanted to find something that fulfilled my need to be useful and create but also where I would be in a welcoming and friendly environment. How did I ignore the Beauty industry?

I loved doing nails. I loved making little sculptures and paintings everyday. I loved making a women feel beautiful, unique and special. I am really excited to have begun the journey back to a job/Carrier I loved.

Notification of Reinstatement form has been sent in. Exam application submitted and accepted. Nail table and O.P.I. kit purchased and I am ready to take retake the practical section of the State Board Exam. Can't wait for my temporary permit to arrive so I can start real talks with Salon owners and find myself a spot in the world of beauty again.

Look for Blog Post soon with my nails I've done on friends and family while I get my techniques back in shape. I will also be reviewing all the new products that have come into fashions while I was out of the loop! Fun!