Friday, September 23, 2011

Moving Right Along - Posting stories I forgot to click publish on. Someday I'll get this down.

After you find out what your really good at, you need to do it. That's not just a suggestion, it's my personal truth. You spend your days coming up with new ideas and things you want to try. It's like a creativity volcano building up pressure inside you. You have to let that tension out. Everything else you do frustrates you, because you want to doing what you love.
I really haven't been out to the studio enough lately, and I am feeling it again. All that anxiety that throwing pottery helped clear out, is now mounting slowing back up. The plan of going out more this month didn't not work out at all. In fact I went out far less.
Aren't Summers supposed to be relaxing with more free time. No school or after school activities. When did all that start spilling over into the summer? This weekend I have 4 animal clients (I am a pet sitter), baseball game, a trip to the water park for the boys, and 3 days of 4-H County fair activities. I am putting a stop to this madness now. I need to throw and create!!
And here is my plan:
  • 3 weekdays we will be doing creative and learning fun at the Rea-Keeton house all day. This point in in affect starting now and every other week this summer. The other 2 will be spent at Worlds of Fun and Oceans of get out some, right!
  • We will be encouraging dad to go fishing and play pool with his friends. So he will let us do what ever we wont in the kitchen and garage!
  • I am promising myself to get to the studio twice this week for at least 2 hours each time.
  • I am organizing the most kick butt CraftSwap! Getting my girlfriends together and having a blast sharing tools, supplies, ideas, and wine! And margarita's.
  • Home organization. So it is easier to pull out supplies and be neat while we create out masterpieces.
This is the plan. Wish me luck!

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