Friday, August 23, 2013

Dreaming of Fall?

Remember when you were young and it was actually a Fall month when school started?

My kids have been in school over a week now and Fall is over a month way. It's still poolside weather and I have no excuse waddle out and lay down in the kiddy area like beached marine life. I'm tired of the heat anyway. With it being so hot I don't want to do much outside but swim, and a lone 40 yr old mom...

Can you say awkward?

Worst of all, I'm lonely. I never was one of those mom's that celebrate when the kids go back to school. Not that there is anything wrong with how they feel. I understand it. I just hate being home alone. I just always want a partner in crime.

When the weather calms down yard work will be more fun. Walks, and hopefully, when my leg is better runs are more enjoyable. Not to mention the heat without any rain has Ragweed on full tilt. I really long for a nice 70 degree October afternoon! Stuck in the house I am looking for ways to occupy my time between when my youngest is off to school and my Senior is home.

Today I finalized plans to get myself ready to rejoin the workforce. So to add to my dreams of shorter days and lower temps, I am now dreaming of the day my reinstated professional license comes in the mail. I have to retake my state board practical exams next month. Wish me luck!

Now, what to do with the next 40 days?

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