Friday, September 23, 2011

It's spring already, isn't it?- Posting stories I forgot to click Publish on. I'll get this someday!

I am pretty sure my Hostas have unfuraled. My Surprise Lilys' leaves have been up for a few weeks. Robins are everywhere! It seems like the last of winter has held onto KC with a vice grip this year. Sure, we were teased a little a few times in the last few weeks with a few warm days, only making it worse. Where is the sun? Where is my springs?

I am not, typically, a person who needs the sunny, dry days. I loved carrying mail in the rain. It had to be pretty cold and windy for it to bother me. I rarely wore raingear, and then only to keep the mail dry. I will gladly play in the rain with my children, but this isn't a cool rainy day. It is dreary overcasts with a deep chill in the year, that is keeping me indoors. Is it my age? My health? I just don't want to go out even to my car. I might have become a hermit already if it wasn't for my clients and children.

I haven't been throwing this week and that always brings me down a bit. I get used to the tranquility that comes with it, and when I don't have time to get to the studio, everything else bothers me a bit more. But really, this is what I have.

I'm just saying, "Enough, already!".

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