Friday, September 23, 2011

Snowed in- Posting stories I forgot to click publish.

I guess they are calling this The Blizzard of 2011. I think I will call it Mom Prison '11, and it started right after Christmas break. The kids went to school for maybe 3 days and then Jack Frost really went to town. I have never seen this much snow, anywhere I have lived, in my whole life.

Don't get me wrong I love when I get more time with the boys, but they are getting so bored, and the cabin fever has sent in for everyone already. We've been sledding, watched movies, my oldest boy has shoveled yards. We have played uno and monopoly, crafted, and painted. And now they are getting their summer's wrecked from the weather.

To top it all off, my husband is hurt and off work, and stuck home with us . That's always fun!

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