Thursday, September 5, 2013

Revisting the Creative Career of My Youth

For a while, thinking of possible career paths I may want to follow, now that I don't have so many kids at home, I for a while had overlooked the best option all together. I never even considered the industry that supported me as a young newly separated single mom. I wanted to find something that fulfilled my need to be useful and create but also where I would be in a welcoming and friendly environment. How did I ignore the Beauty industry?

I loved doing nails. I loved making little sculptures and paintings everyday. I loved making a women feel beautiful, unique and special. I am really excited to have begun the journey back to a job/Carrier I loved.

Notification of Reinstatement form has been sent in. Exam application submitted and accepted. Nail table and O.P.I. kit purchased and I am ready to take retake the practical section of the State Board Exam. Can't wait for my temporary permit to arrive so I can start real talks with Salon owners and find myself a spot in the world of beauty again.

Look for Blog Post soon with my nails I've done on friends and family while I get my techniques back in shape. I will also be reviewing all the new products that have come into fashions while I was out of the loop! Fun!

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