Thursday, November 7, 2013

I got my October POPSUGAR MUSTHAVE Box

I'm so excited seeing the Mailman with my white and pink box!

I admit right up front I am addicted to my POPSUGAR MustHave subscription. Have you ever tried a box subscription of any kind? I have tried a few. POPSUGAR MustHave is the only subscription box I have ever renewed.

For those that don't know a subscription box is a service were you pay a set amount each month and receive a curated box of products or samples for a company. There are subscription boxes for beauty, men, kids, crafts, everything you can think of ......even that time of the month.
This is how the POPSUGAR Editors describe it:
"Every day we are pitched hundreds of new products. We love testing them all out and sharing our favorites with our readers.
For over five years, our editors and I have been reporting about our monthly must haves. Now we'll curate the very best in home, fashion, and beauty and send them right to your door.
Imagine getting an awesome surprise present every month, full of fun products for you to enjoy!"


My October box is one of my favorite boxes yet! This one truly has a little bit of everything.
  • Wet Brush- I've been dying to try one, and I am in love.
  • Smokey fume, Smokey eye palette by NYX Cosmetics. -I'm quite sultry now!
  • Jessica Seinfeld's The Can't Cook Book- Neat simple recipes.
  • Gorjana Charity Bracelet- Cutesy and sweet but fits Kylee ;)
  • Julep Duo Exclusive for PopSugar- I got dark blue and black. Meh.
  • Jane Tran Bobby pins- Yes these is a such thing as Lux Bobby Pins.<3 li="">
  • Halloween CrispyCake from the Crispery- Super gooey rice crispy goodness!
  • Stitch Fix Styling and $20 credit- another card item I'm not using! Only for thin.:/
This is definitely on of my favorite Months so far, and I have had a few things from months past that are on my all time favorite things list already. Every once in a while I get a box with a lot of things that are just not for me.  I've never use the card and they are always just discounts. Those months, my friends love me! I always end of with great just because gifts for my girlfriends. The PopSugar Must Have subscription box is a Must Have!

I waited to post until everyone had theirs. Get in on Nov. box while you can!

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