Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fundraising is for Suckers! Ya, I'm a sucker..

Who in their right mind signs up to be in charge of fundraising? No one. It's not a joke. You have to have something seriously wrong with you to do this to yourself. I didn't know I hated myself so much.If you haven't guessed yet, I am trying to organize a fundraiser... or 4. Yes, 4!

 My husband is the Commander at our local American Legion and he is have a Texas Hold'em tournament next month. Only he works about 60 hours a week so I get to go around begging for raffle and silent auction donations, make fliers, and ask for volunteers. I'm a SAHM still for the next few weeks so I understand he's got to use me while he can before I go back to work. It's not all consuming but I also have my own things going on, the least of which is organizing my own event for the Legions Auxiliary Unit. I am managing my friend's soccer teams, one of them my son plays on and trying to get their new uniforms paid for and lower their league and tournaments fees with a Sonic card sale and a Texas Hold'em tournament coming up for them.

While most of them just require me to do a lot of paperwork and accounting the Texas hold'em tournaments seem to already be posing a bit of an issue around the house.
I never really thought about where I was going to put all the donations I am collecting for the raffles and auctions. So far it's just some selves in the garage that we had space on and the dining room table. That's not to big a deal as we usually use the kitchen table or living room if we eat dinner at home. My concern is that we still have over a month of collecting items to get through and ever smaller home. So besides dealing with all the "That's not the way I've done it" Helpers and the planning blunders, I just realized I have to protect the fundraising loot from my dogs, messy kids, and me miss placing it. Because the panic of worrying about missing deadlines for my multiple events and sales isn't enough!
Probably wouldn't be sound fundraising finance planning if I rented a storage space, huh? Oh well, maybe my husband and I don't really need the privacy of our own room. We weren't planning on making anymore babies anyway.......

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