Sunday, June 20, 2010

Finally Starting

I can't even remember how many weeks ago I created this profile, yet no actual blog until today. I've had a lot to talk about and a head full of thoughts to let out. I, in fact,just haven't been brave enough to start typing. I couldn't form the words. I knew I had something to say. I just wasn't ready to allow myself the freedom. Now I am.

I have been so busy ending my soccer season, running kids to play rehearsal, and scouts meetings, but not making myself happy. Don't get me wrong, my children and husband bring me so much joy. I have a need, though, to express myself creatively. That need hasn't been met much lately. Well,.. in a very long time.

I sketch and I write some, but they are only band-aid measures. Sometimes, I even shop because of this. My creative and nesting instincts are entirely to interlinked in my Psyche, but that is another blog. I need to create something. That is why I am finally here, tapping away, putting something out there, into the world.

I have to thank my baby, Jackson. I let him paint in acrylic, on canvas, both for the first time today. He is not finished yet, but Jackson is amazing. His choice of colors, his process.(Sketching a tree and a house 6 times, then taking one look at the naked canvas, palette in hand and saying,"I think I am going to do a heart instead!".) Not to mention that he planned to do a realist painting but changed to abstract, much as his mom does so many times. Seeing him so pleased with his work. All of this pressed me to get on the blog and write something. Thank you, my tiny little pumpkin.(He's small for his age, and red-headed.)

You will notice over time, my spelling is off and my punctuation is atrocious, so bare with me, I write like I paint. Abstract and all over the place. And like my painting, my blogs will likely be sporadic. When I have time or the words for my thoughts I be here. Most of the time, I won't.

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